Guest Information

From the golf course and tennis courts to our dining rooms, Druid Hills' membership appreciates and takes pride in maintaining an appropriate balance between casual and semiformal attire. Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests adhere to the following guidelines as well.

Dress Code

Lullwater Dining Room

Men are required to wear collared shirts or banded-collar dress shirts and long pants at all times inside the dining room. Proper length Bermuda shorts (mid-thigh) are permitted on the Terrace only. Athletic attire (including fitness and tennis attire,) hats and tattered clothes, or those with holes in them, are not permitted. Jackets for men are recommended, but not required.

Main Bar

Men are required to wear collared shirts and long pants at all times. Athletic attire, (including fitness and tennis attire,) hats and shorts are not permitted.

Dogwood Grill

Casual attire, to include denim and appropriate golf and tennis attire, is acceptable; however, men must have shirts with sleeves and may not wear hats in this room. Tennis outfits must have proper cover ups. Tank-tops are not permitted. Clothes with holes or those that are tattered are not acceptable. No cut-offs permitted. Those with bathing suits and workout attire must have a cover-up appropriate for dining in a restaurant. Spandex is not permitted. Shorts must be mid-thigh in length or longer.

Golf House Grill

Exactly the same as the Dogwood Grill with the exception of hats for men, which, if worn, must be appropriate for golf.


When using the main and front areas of the Club such as the Grand Ballroom, Living Room, Reception area and private banquet areas, we remind you that your fellow members often host events requiring jackets and ties. Please extend to them the courtesy that they deserve in keeping their events distinctly private.


Denim, cargo pants, cut-off s, ripped or frayed pants, tennis shorts, and workout clothes are not appropriate golf attire. All golfers must wear golf shoes with soft spikes. Sandals and flip flops are prohibited from all golf facilities including the putting greens.

For Men

Polo shirts with sleeves and collars are required. Turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks are acceptable. Shirttails must be tucked in at all times and worn with a belt.

For Women

Halter tops, racer backs, tank tops and any top that exposes the midriff are not permitted. Skirts, shorts and skorts must be longer than mid-thigh.


Collared shirts for men are recommended but not required. Bathing suits, cutoff s, running shorts and running shoes are not permitted. Men cannot wear sleeveless shirts. T-shirts with large graphics and advertising will be discouraged.

Denim and Casual Clothing

Dress denim is permitted in the Main Clubhouse (including the dining rooms and Main Bar), the Golf House Grill and in the Men's and Women's Locker Rooms and Lounges.

No holes, tears, faded or tattered denim will be permitted and no cut-offs will be allowed. This includes denim shorts, long pants and skirts. While denim is permitted in specified areas, it is not the preferred attire.

No area of the Club, with the exception of the locker rooms and men's and ladies' lounges, permits swim wear or workout attire, tank-style tops and spandex without a proper cover-up that is appropriate for dining.

T-shirts and sweatpants are not permitted in any area of the Club with the exception of the locker rooms and men's and ladies' lounges and the fitness facility.

In all areas for all ages and for both genders, clothes cannot be excessively tight, baggy or short.


Electronic Devices Policy:

Being mindful that the Druid Hills Golf Club serves as a haven for its members and their families, and consistent with limitations set forth below, the use of cell phones and other electronic devices is permitted only in specified areas of the Club and only so long as users are respectful of all other persons by using the devices discreetly and only when necessary.

Cell phones and all other electronic communications devices must be set on “silent” or “vibrate” or used with headphones so as to prevent any other person from hearing sounds from the device.

All cell phone calls should be limited to three minutes or less even in permitted areas on Club property.

Voice communication by cell phone IS PERMITTED:

In the Clubhouse but only in offices or conference rooms with the door closed or in limited areas designated by signage for cell phone usage. 

On the Golf Course but only in a manner that does not slow play or otherwise interfere with others on the course.

In and around the Tennis Facilities but only in a manner that does not slow play or otherwise interfere with others’ use of the tennis facilities.

In the Men’s Grill and Ladies Lounge but only by the house phone, in the pool room or out on the balconies.

Voice communication by cell phone is NOT PERMITTED:

In ANY Dining Area.

In the Locker Rooms and Fitness Center.

On the Driving Range/Practice Greens but may be used discreetly on the adjacent cart paths and parking lot.

On the Pool Deck except in limited areas designated by signage for cell phone usage.