Junior Programming

Junior Development at Druid Hills is focused on “athlete first, then tennis player.”  Kids will learn physical skills that relate to the technical components needed for rallying and serving skills.   Programs start at age four. A year round schedule is offered with afterschool and weekend classes, summer camps, holiday camps, play days and competitions.  The newest addition to the junior program has been the GRIPS Program; essentially a karate belt system for tennis that gives the kids the incentive to learn the physical, technical, tactical, and mental skills for their age and stage of development.

Junior Team Tennis has been a cornerstone of the Druid Hills Junior Tennis Program.  While competitive success has been had with five USTA Georgia State Championships since 2010, its main focus is to give kids the opportunity for competitive development in a team environment that is fun and diverse.  The program commonly has teams at all age groups that range from competitive to more developmental.

Unique to private clubs is Druid Hills’ partnership with Universal Tennis Academy for programs for competitive players in middle school and high school.  Druid Hills and UTA coaches team up to allow members that are advanced players to train at their own club